Since the concept of Remote Working has come into great effect the employers have started to panic way too much. It is also seen for a fact that the old method of going to an office and sitting on a proper desk is slowly fading away and getting replaced by distant or remote working.

Remote Working has started to be the new normal for many people. The main reason being that they find it really comfortable this way. However, as seen, the challenges for the companies have increased. The companies are in a state of confusion as to whom should they trust and whom they should not. The distance has increased the strain in the relationship between employee and employer.

However, some relief is provided to the employers due to the advanced technology and introduction of various employee monitoring software’s. These software’s help the employers in keeping a close watch on the activities and behavior of the employees.

In this article, we would be discussing one such employee monitoring software – Work Examiner. This software has proven to be the most effective and secure for usage by employers. They have expressed their full trust in this software.

Why to choose Work Examiner?

Work Examiner has been stated as the most reliable and secure employee monitoring software by its users. It provides in total various features which prove to be extremely valuable and enriching to the employers.

If your employees are distant working, then the biggest issue arises of keeping an eye on them and their progress. In a proper office setting the superior authority constantly takes a round to the desk of the employee to check whether if the task is going on as planned or not. But, in distant working, no employers know what is going on the other side.

The Work Examiner Software in a way also helps the employees psychologically because as their productivity is reduced their employer knows and then talks to his/her employees given them an emotional boost throughout.

Moreover, the job of protecting the company from external theft is also done by this software. The employer knows about the emails sent and received by the employee and also, what kind of information is shared outside the company.

The keylogging feature of this software is the most outstanding. This feature enables the employer to know about what key has been pressed by the employee and what has been typed by him/her. Moreover, the employer can also get a track of the conversations that take place between the employee and the client.

Capterra Rating for Work Examiner – 5/5


Remote Working if looked at positively is of great advantage to any company. It reduces and eliminates the extra office expenses and also increases profits. However, it should be ensured by the manager that the employees work with full heart and dedication.