Debt consolidation is an ingenious debt management strategy that permits you to amalgamate several debts into one payment. It’s an intelligent tactic as a single account is easy to manage. Moreover, if you’ve more than average interest rates because of bad credit, it could reduce your average rates and consult a Unsecured Credit Debt Lawyer.

One of the conventional approaches to consolidating debt is applying for a debt consolidation loan. 

Taking out Bad Credit Debt Consolidation Loans can be a daunting task. However, there are numerous ways to increase your chances of loan approval.

Without further ado, let’s delve into the ways of getting a debt consolidation loan with bad credit!

Steps to Obtain Debt Consolidation Loans with Bad Credit

If you’re suffering from debt and believe that a debt consolidation loan can help, you must meet basic requirements. The pre-requisites are a credit score in the mid-600s, a history of timely payments, and an adequate income. Nonetheless, every lender has its own set of demands.

Follow the below-mentioned steps to get bad credit debt consolidation loans by boosting your chances of approval.

Track your Credit Score

Lenders approve your loans primarily based on the credit score. Usually, the higher your credit score, the more interest rates they’ll propose to you. 

The minimum credit score lenders traditionally ask for lies around 650. Nevertheless, a few bad credit lenders allow a score as low as 580.

Many financial institutions provide tools to track your credit score. Once you’re aware of your score, it’s easy to recognise the lenders you can go up to; apart from lenders who work with bad credit, list the minimum requirements on their websites.

Keep your Research Extensive

It’s never a good idea to accept the first loan offer. Hence, do proper research by comparing loan amounts, repayment terms and fees of multiple banks. Although it’s a time-consuming process, you might save a significant amount of money.

The most sensible methods are looking up online lenders, checking their demands, or knocking on the door of offline banks. 

Furthermore, the banks you have a good relationship with are a must-try because they might be willing to approve your bad credit scores.

Explore the Option of a Secured Loan

Personal debt consolidation loans are not secured. In simpler terms, they don’t require collateral. If you’re having trouble seeking approval for unsecured bad credit debt consolidation loans, you should explore secured options. 

They require a certain kind of collateral such as a house, vehicle or other assets. In addition, the collateral should be valuable enough to cover the loan in case of a default.

Because of the same reason, it’s easier to receive approval on a secured debt consolidation loan with bad credit.

Gradually Improve your Credit

It would help to pay your debts timely for a few months. Paying down credit balances and cutting down unnecessary expenses is also advisable. Lastly, it’s always competent to review your annual credit reports to monitor progress.


The need for debt consolidation may vary from person to person. If you’re not eligible for bad credit debt consolidation loans with lower interest rates, you should consider alternatives. These options include a Debt Management Plan (DMP), home equity and DIY fixes. If you’ve tried everything else, taking time and reducing your credit score is your last option.