If you have been looking at different online brokers, it is understood that you will be very confused and frustrated. Many of them appear to be very similar and this makes it only more convoluted when you have to pick one. So, what should you do? In this scenario, the best way to make a decision is to know what makes a brokerage different and choose accordingly. You can go through this Mainrow review to find out what sets this forex and CFD platform apart and if it is good enough to help you in your trading journey. Ready to know? Let’s start digging:

An award-winning platform 

The first thing that distinguishes Mainrow from the rest of the options in the market is that it is an award-winning platform that has gained recognition for its services. Most Trusted Broker 2020, Most Secure International Broker 2019, Best Global Web-Based Trading Platform 2019, Most Transparent European Broker 2019, Best Trading Products and Services 2020 and Best Broker of the CIS 2020 are some of the awards it has won. This indicates that it is a professional and well-recognized platform you can trust for your trading needs.

Access to major markets 

There are numerous financial markets and Mainrow provides its clients with access to major ones via a single platform. This helps set it apart from many other brokerages that are only offering access to limited instruments. It is not a problem you have to deal with in this case because you will be able to access some of the biggest financial markets and their top trading instruments via one trading account. 

You will discover that the forex, commodities, stock, cryptocurrency and indices are some markets that Mainrow gives you access to. Moreover, you can choose from a variety of options and this allows every trader to find something in accordance with their risk tolerance. Plus, they can also diversify their trading portfolio, which can reduce risks significantly and can give high returns as well.

Different types of bonuses

Another major offering that you will come across at Mainrow, which others don’t usually offer, are the different types of bonuses. First and foremost, they provide their clients with a welcome bonus open making an account and adding a deposit. Bear in mind that the percentage of the bonus varies, depending on which account you decide to open as there are six choices provided to you. 

Apart from this bonus, you can also get bonuses when you refer your friends to Mainrow and they also open an account and make a deposit. You will receive a commission every time they make a deposit, which is a good way of making money without having to do much. 

Extensive educational resources

The financial markets may be lucrative, but they are risky as well, so you have to have proper knowledge and understanding in order to make profits. You will be able to learn the ins and outs and polish your skills and knowledge at Mainrow because they have put together extensive educational resources to help their clients. You will find an education section on their website that gives you access to a ton of material that can come in handy.

Not only can newcomers and amateurs find helpful resources, but the material that Mainrow has put together can also assist advanced and skilled traders in avoiding mistakes. You can benefit from e-books, articles, webinars and a horde of tools that can provide you a great deal of information. 

Dedicated customer support

The fact that you will be able to reach out to professional and experts for assistance of any kind when you are using Mainrow’s services is also a distinguishing feature. They are available 24/5 and you can get a response right away, ensuring that you can continue trading without interruptions.

Final Word 

Thanks to these features, it is not difficult to understand exactly what makes Mainrow different from the others and a smart choice for your trading journey.