It is common knowledge that two-wheeler insurance is a regulator requirement in the country. With the help of such insurance cover, there are two-fold benefits – one of legal compliance and the second of having your bike secured with a backup plan. However, the area where most people miss out is ensuring continued coverage after buying at the time of initial purchase. For this reason, it is essential to renew your policy. While it can be cumbersome to visit the insurer at each renewal, digitisation has solved this problem too. Now using internet technology, you can renew your policy at the convenience of your couch. Here are some of the benefits of renewing two wheeler insurance online

Savings in Time: The foremost advantage of taking the online route is saving your time. With busy lives, it has become difficult to make time, especially to visit the insurer’s office. At such times, buying online helps you save on time having to co-ordinate with either the insurance agent or visit the insurer’s office. 

Convenient comparison: With the facility to of online two wheeler insurance renewal, you can make effortless comparison without having to search for suitable plans. All at the click of a mouse, different plans are available to view and use tools like a two-wheeler insurance calculator that not only aid in comparison process, but also finding affordable deals within your budget. 

Additional benefits: With the digital age growing fast, insurance companies have introduced a few policies that are offered exclusively online. These policies offer concession in either premium or some exclusive features that are available for online-only plans. 

Selecting the best coverage: Online renewal of your two wheeler insurance third party or comprehensive plan, is convenient when you can choose from myriad alternatives. This web helps you browse through all possible plans that might be the right fit. In addition, comprehensive plans can be customised using add-ons that enhance the value generated by the insurance policy vis-à-vis its cost. 

Legal compliance: In addition to above pointers, having your policy timely renewed online aids in staying legally complied when it comes to two-wheeler insurance requirements. The Motor Vehicles Act makes it mandatory to have an insurance policy for all bike owners and thus, you can stay complied even before your coverage ends. 

While the benefits of online renewal go a long way in ensuring compliance and safety for your vehicle, here’s how you can renew your two-wheeler insurance policy – 

Step 1: Visit your preferred insurance company’s website and locate the renewal section for two-wheeler policies. 

Step 2: Provide your existing policy details so any details registered against your policy number are pulled up by the insurer. Here, you can choose to amend any details to ensure they are updated.

Step 3: Select the type of policy you want to opt for. Along with it, make sure to look for the right set add-ons that significant enhance your policy coverage. 

Step 4: Once you have finalised all the policy details, make the payment from the available options. Since it is an online renewal, the coverage begins once your payment is successful, which is almost instant. 

With the above-mentioned benefits of renewing policy online, do not wait till the eleventh hour for its renewal. Instead, start early so you have sufficient time to compare and select a suitable bike insurance cover. Insurance is the subject matter of solicitation. For more details on benefits, exclusions, limitations, terms and conditions, please read sales brochure/policy wording carefully before concluding a sale.