Mind those tasty and delicious pieces of bread and cakes, but this is not what only values in a commercial bakery. The bakers’ tool also matters as it can be the perfect partner of a productive day. Imagine baking lots of bread and cake orders, but you are out of space. Productivity will probably be affected. Thus, schaumburg specialties offering the perfect bakers’ tool, which is the bakery racks.

Bakery racks can make the entire work of baking and pastry easy, fast, and smooth. Imagine yourself taking orders, additionally the customers that come and go buying bread, cakes, and cookies in your commercial bakery. Do you find the absence of bakery racks makes you productive? Of course, not!

What’s in an automation rack?

A bakery that is fully automated needs an automation rack. It is well-built and specially designed for automation and machines. With machines that do the loading and unloading of the products, quality racks are needed. It is the most requested bakery racks of large commercial bakeries. Here are the benefits:

  • 100% durability
  • Sanitation-guaranteed
  • Easy to clean
  • All welded
  • Custom-built made to order
  • Standard size availability
  • No contamination issues
  • Long-lasting

Disposable Bun rack covers

Believe it, bakery racks with disposable covers are available. For customers wondering how these covers take the heat of the bread after baked, yet it accommodates the temperature. These bun rack covers are extra durable, which many restaurants, food caterers, and bakeries demand the availability and supply. It is a commercial-graded food cover and is disposable. Commercial bakeries will have the assurance that these covers are specially designed with sufficient coverage for the entire bun rack. Double disposable rack covers are very customer-friendly with their transparent color. Protection and contents of the racks are not the main benefit of the cover, but also a good view of the foods inside. Disposable as it is called, but it can be used once more. It is not a once-off cover; it can be replaced as much as needed. This type of cover is durable, not easy to tear like cheaper options.

There are many bakery rack options to choose from. If you are running a bakery, these speed transport racks are a perfect tool for your business. Many big commercial bakeries are utilizing these bakery racks. For them, it has big use and a lot of benefits for the operation of their business. They can’t just be productive but saves time and money as well with this great bakery tool.