Indonesia is the largest in terms of population and economy in ASEAN. The size of the country and economic growth attracts people for company formation in Indonesia.

Following are the places where one can start a business:


It is not only the capital of the country but also the largest industrialized and business-friendly city in the country. Investors can invest in banking, trading, manufacturing, automobiles, electronics, biomedical science manufacturing, shopping complexes.


With a sparkling atmosphere and lively ocean views, Bali is not only a famous tourist destination but also a place where people from around the globe look for how to set up company in Indonesia. Restaurant and bars, health spas, recreational activities, clothes designation and distribution, cosmetics trading are major business activities happening in Bali where investors can look after.


With a vast population and larger size, Surabaya has attracted investors to start a business in this city. Manufacturing, trading, construction, retail, agriculture are major areas where investors can look after.


Political stability and economic growth are major factors that attract investors in Pekanbaru. This city has actually been awarded as one of the best cities for investment. Tourism, services, rubber processing, trading, oil and gases are major sectors for investment.


It is one of the smart and attractive cities in Indonesia and investors can invest in sectors like science and technology, telecommunication, fashion, advertisement, e-commerce.


Energy, transportation, trading, tourism, fishing, building and healthcare are major areas to invest in Makassar.


Metal and electronic industries are major areas of investment in this city. Location, easy governmental processing, and a tourist hub are the main reasons for investors to invest.


Its close proximity to biggest cities like Balikpapan and West Kutai Regency has helped the growth of investment, trading and retail shops.


International port and airport and also location favour Medan for investors. Trading is the main sector of business in this city and other areas are manufacturing, beverages, mining, telecommunication.


Being one of the access points to Indonesia investors are more focused to invest in this city in the retail and trading sectors.

The above places in Indonesia sum up the cities where business can be started. You can get further support and guidance for incorporation by consulting 3E Accounting Indonesia.