Youtube is a video-sharing platform that allows users to watch videos according to their own interest and Youtubers can increase the profit level by creating the content according to the latest trend. With quality content and nice-looking videos, it becomes possible to achieve the required YouTube watch time and earn serious profit. Now, if you are the one who is looking to learn quality tips to boost YouTube watch time, just follow the shared information. 

Start the introduction

In the first step, your audience is more attached to your content and watches that information continue. If visitors see only video titles and thumbnails, make sure to provide at least those expected content in the beginning.

The videos are split into chapters.

The chapters on youtube make things easier for viewers to understand better. Initially, think about breaking the videos into segments. Each segment has consisted outline, which is helpful in this process. For instance, a drop shipping course video is published by The ECom king runs over 5.5 hours.  Moreover, the titles of the chapter are crucial for viewers because they pick up that topic according to their interest. Apart from this, ECom king publishes the description of the chapter and a timeline is also published in the description of videos.

Include the pattern of interrupt

A pattern interrupt is a technique to change a specific situation, thoughts, and behaviors. It can be frequent changes in a camera angle. When similar images and narrative repeated, then people felt board and the rate of bonus climb. But the pattern of interruptions can seize the attention of viewers for the long term.

Research of keywords 

You cannot ignore and escape the value of keywords because it plays a vital role in videos. when developing the content ideas, ensure to do simple keywords, especially for youtube. In addition, youtube is the second largest search engine in the world. Furthermore, in this research, you can also do competitive analysis. Do not copy the information, which is helpful to know the target audience on a deeper level. You can also use the research to find out the gap in the videos.

Tell stories

Storytelling works entertained the viewers, especially those who want to learn. So, firstly, explore the way of conveying your story in a unique and exciting style then viewers will appreciate and keep watching those videos. For example, the famous Nas daily is entertaining and educates in almost every video.

Generate longer video

A short video gets more enormous viewers, whereas a more extended video has fewer viewers. Therefore, if you want to publish a long video, you have to make sure that the videos are targeted to your audience. In addition, when I searched about social media strategy, then longer videos always seemed to outperform.

Analytics of youtube

Firstly, analyze the micro and macro views of your youtube videos and youtube channel. You cannot see the data of your videos but also watch the viewership in times and days etc. Additionally, you can go back and take the information regarding the videos to improve future videos.


Doing work together, you can watch your partner’s video channel, extend the view time, and expand your audience. Collaboration is very beneficial for increasing the watching time of videos. 

Dhar Mann is a YouTuber, and he worked with Nas to tell his story regarding youtube videos, and his videos have earned 12 million views.

Series of videos

In the series of videos, add up more related videos, and you have more chances to get viewers for watching the videos. 

John Kirkwood provides several playlists and channels and also includes pastries and pies in them. 

Incline the watch time of viewers

Increasing the amount of time is a lucrative way to be more attractive for the youtube algorithm. So, your videos can appear on the homepage of different youtube lovers across the globe.

To increase youtube watch time, it is necessary to focus on the quality of videos, which is highly dependent on the interest of the audience.

Creation of the content quality of youtube

It is essential to consider the quality of video when you are adding the videos on youtube. When producing the content on youtube, you can create a better version of the content, and you also aim to attract viewers by uploading the potential videos on youtube. In addition, you need a thumbnail and title that captures the visitor’s attention. Therefore, youtube is a social platform and having a valuable presence for the viewers.  

Purchase quality watch time

Last but not least, to get watch time fast you can also buy them. I personally never had to since I managed with hard work, but I do know some friends who did and they were satisfied. I am not sure how other companies work, but my friends used lenostube watch time and told me they received looped views, so with very good retention and which had a positive impact overall.