If any financial product comes to your rescue and bails you out of different medical and financial emergencies, they are Personal Loans. You can apply for them for varied reasons like wedding, festival planning, domestic and international trips, or buying furniture or gizmos. Banks and other financial institutes generally do not ask for loan application reasons, but you need to ascertain Personal Loan eligibility and whether you have the repayment capacity.

If you decide to apply for the loan in the future, here are ways in which you can improve the eligibility for Personal Loan:

Repay debts timely

The best way to improve your eligibility for such loans is by repaying all the loans timely. This also includes your Credit Card dues. Ensure to pay the bills at the earliest after they get generated. Make sure you do not default on any equated monthly instalments and Credit Card debts as doing so negatively impact the credit scores, thereby hurting your eligibility.

Clearing existing debts

As mentioned, when you apply for an offline or online Personal Loan, lenders need your credit report. Your scores give lenders an insight into your repayment behaviour. It helps them understand how often you take loans and whether they get repaid timely without defaulting. If you have an existing loan when applying for one, there are chances that the new loan might get rejected. So, apply for a new loan after clearing the existing ones.

Low credit utilisation ratio

If you hold a Credit Card, ensure you maintain a low credit utilisation ratio. At any given time, this means restricting using more than 30% of the credit limit offered. So, if the limit is Rs. 1 lakh, ensure you do not swipe for more than Rs. 30,000 monthly. Maintaining a low credit utilisation ratio proves to lenders that you can exercise restraint and not buying everything on credit, thus convincing loan providers of your good credit behaviour.

Show additional income

When you use the Personal Loan eligibility calculator, your income is the most crucial criterion and enhances your loan approval chances. Show your monthly salary and employment status while applying for Personal Loans. For gaining instant approvals, it is better to provide additional income sources. This could be your variable pay, incentives, and performance bonus. When you apply jointly, show your spouse’s income.

Moreover, if you have a leased property, portray the rent earned from the additional income. Holding a higher salary boosts your loan eligibility chances, making you creditworthy of the loan.

Today, since you can apply for the loan directly from the lender’s portal, make sure to use the eligibility and Personal Loan EMI calculator.