Humans have used gold for currency, architecture, and religious worship throughout history. Today, it continues to have immense value. People still love to buy gold for jewelry and investments.

However, not all gold is created equal. There are different types of gold and gold grades that people use for several purposes.

So, how can you find the best gold for your purposes? The first thing to do is understand the types of gold available.

Learning about the types of gold can be challenging at first. Luckily, we’re here to help you navigate this question! We’ll explore five types of precious metals in the guide below.

  1. Yellow Gold

Yellow gold is the most common type of gold. The mining industry spends millions of dollars each year to find this gold ore in mines.

Yellow gold is the purest gold color, but it’s not made entirely of this precious metal. Instead, yellow gold mixes several other metals into its composition.

These include silver, copper, and zinc. It’s hypo-allergenic in most cases and requires little maintenance.

Generally, yellow gold is the kind that investors purchase. You can find more information here to learn more about this.

You can tell the proportion of gold ore in this alloy by checking its carat value. The higher the carat value, the more gold is in this mixture. That’s why high carat gold is more expensive.

  1. Rose Gold

Rose gold has become an increasingly popular choice for jewelry selections. Sometimes called “pink gold,” rose gold alloys gold, copper, and silver to create its rosy hue.

This mixture makes rose gold more inexpensive than other gold colors since copper is an inexpensive metal. Its copper content also makes rose gold more durable than other gold solutions.

  1. White Gold

White gold combines gold and platinum to create a silvery gold mixture. In some cases, smiths may use palladium in place of platinum to create this metal.

White gold can also incorporate nickel and zinc in its mixture. These metals make the gold more durable and scratch-resistant than its yellow counterpart. You can buy white gold for less money than yellow gold or platinum.

  1. Green Gold

Green gold is perhaps the least common of these gold solutions. Experts sometimes refer to this gold as “electrum.”

Usually, green gold mixes gold and silver. On occasion, smiths may also add copper to the composition. The silver component gives the metal its green shade.

  1. Gray Gold

Finally, there’s gray gold. People sometimes use this as an alternative alloy to white gold. It generally comes in 18 karat quality, making it a valuable alloy.

Gray gold mixes gold with palladium to create its gray hue. Alternatively, smiths may add silver, manganese, and copper to the gold to create this hue for cheaper prices.

Find the Best Types of Gold For Your Purposes

The types of gold you choose usually depend on your purposes. Many jewelry enthusiasts enjoy trying out the different gold hues available.

Your budget may also impact the gold you choose. For example, more people can afford rose gold than yellow gold.

However, investors prefer yellow gold for its lasting value. So, find the best gold alloy for your needs today!

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