Did you know that people in the Balkans processed gold 6,500 years ago? Previously, the oldest discovered processed gold was the Varna Gold, considered the oldest gold objects in the world.

Where did gold come from, and what’s the history behind it? We dive deeper into the history of gold so you can find out.

Where Did Gold Come From?

As we mentioned above, a recent archaeological discovery uncovered a tiny gold bead in Bulgaria. It’s supposedly the oldest bit of processed gold in Europe and possibly the world.

Prior to this finding, the Varna Gold found outside the Black Sea port of Varna was thought to be the oldest found gold objects.

Archaeologists discovered 13 pounds of processed gold objects in the necropolis. The ancient people that lived in the area were understood to be farmers, and there’s still quite a bit of mystery surrounding their civilization.

The gold bead found in Bulgaria may push the processing of gold back 200 years.

Around 3600 BC, goldsmiths in Egypt would melt gold ore.

Spanish explorers also encountered the Inca people, who had a high appreciation for silver and gold. Gold was used for their ritualistic objects, in jewelry, and to make coins.

The precious metals silver and gold have historically proven themselves an excellent source of value.

Gold in the Earth                                            

There are two theories about how gold was actually first formed. One theory involves the explosion of supernova stars creating a nuclear fusion that results in gold. The other theory is that a collision of neutron stars resulted in a gamma-ray burst.

It’s unknown when exactly humans started to mine for gold. Gold mining is at least 6,500 years old if the oldest processed gold is correctly dated. Gold exists deep inside the earth, and it’s transported by volcanic eruptions, molten lava, earthquakes, and water.

Geologists have discovered gold rocks that are billions of years old. In fact, the Witwatersrand in South Africa holds the world’s largest known gold reserves. It’s a 300km radius crater believed to have been created by a meteor impact more than 2 billion years ago.

Gold Today

Is gold a good investment today?

Gold is as coveted now as it was thousands of years ago. In fact, many people invest in gold and precious metals as it’s a solid financial strategy. Whether you invest in gold bullions, jewelry, stocks, or other types of gold, it can be a great hedge against inflation and a store of value.

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All That Glitters

All that glitters may not be gold, but you can rest assured gold itself remains a great investment. It’s as treasured today as it was thousands of years ago and likely will be for many years to come.

When other people ask, “Where did gold come from?” You can confidently tell them all you know.

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