Owning a business is a great feeling. You own something that you developed. You found it. You kept working hard for it for years. And, now you are a proud owner.

Taking care of a business is like taking care of a baby. You have to work hard constantly day and night to help it grow. A business cannot grow without the consistent efforts of its owners for years.

Time to say goodbye to your business

You cannot always stay young and take care of your business. Once you grow old you cannot keep working hard like you used to do when you were young.

Finally, the moment arrives when you have to bid farewell to your business.

What options are available for your business after you retire?

There are not many options for small businesses once their owners retire. You can either:

  • Transfer it to your family member or your legal heir.
  • Or, you can sell it.

Which option you pick depends on your situation. For instance, a person who does not have a kid or a close family member would prefer to sell the business. It helps the person to live a comfortable life in the after years.

Is selling your business easy?

Finding buyers for a well-established business is not that hard. You may even find the ones who are willing to pay the quoted price. Some may even go a bit higher to allure you. However, finding a buyer and selling your business is not the hard part.

The hard part is to take care of the taxes and calculating the actual value of it. What if you sell your business at a very high price? What if you sell it to a reasonable price but taxes took away most of your earnings? What are the possible options for you in this scenario?

Hire a business broker or use services of a business-selling platform

If you want to evaluate the actual value of your business, you must hire a business broker. However, you will face the similar situation as paying taxes here. A business broker might help you save money on taxes but then you will be paying brokerage.

Another option is to use online business selling platforms like ExitAdviser.

Benefits of using the online business selling platform

An online business selling platform will help you find the correct value of your company. They will ask you to input several information like your last year’s profit, number of sales each month, etc. Based on these statistics, they will provide you a valuation report.

Another major advantage of using these online business platforms is that most of them do not charge any brokerage fee. You are not going to pay brokerage on an online platform. It will help you save a lot of money.

Using an online business selling platform will also help you find your buyers from all over the state. In case of an online business, you can find buyers from all over the world.

There will be tons of options and you can pick the one that suits you best.