September 2020


Undoubtedly, the future prospect of a finTech company trading on cryptocurrency is profitable in the current economic scenario. Jacob Coulsen, the COO of Prance Gold Holdings, who joined the company with an experience of more than 10 years, is determined to contribute a safe and dynamic platform to the end investors in the company’s trading. The Company is lead by experts in various fin-tech aspects and has a vision to encourage the investors on profitable trading.

The cryptocurrency market structure

The most volatile market of cryptocurrency cannot be predicted until and unless it follows some automated algorithm. The Prance Gold Holdings has come up with such a technological stance that hikes up the probability to identify the trading pairs among thousands of it. Technically, this pair stands for few seconds within which the investors can pull out the maximized profit. The safe triangular arbitrage strategy calculates the profit even before the execution is done and thus how Prance Gold Algorithm bridges the success story for the investors.

Ultra short span for investment planning

How risk free trading can takes place, the Prance Gold Algorithm is the best method to answer it. According to the company the investment is ultra-short, ranging from 7 hours to 180 days, during which the non-working cryptocurrency are placed into high performing trading platform. Prance Gold Holdings releasing the commodities by January at 12.5% interest will add value to the volatility and return. In a simple process you can register yourself through the link to get introduced with the company. Also, profile link and plan are given for further information about the offerings. 

Systematic approach of the algorithm

Even though there is unprecedented disruption in the market behavior, the arbitrage allows uninterrupted trading.  Prance Gold Algorithm is so technically advanced and glitch free that it does not follow the traditional market trend; rather it creates a new series to mark up with the biggest exchanges across the world. 

The process is simple; it’s just like buying stock or securities during the trading at lower price and selling it off, before the market price alters. The major work in the entire process is to identify or analysis when or where the changes might take place. The Algorithm here works on that very specific thing that changes every second in order to find out the best trend.

Prance Gold Holdings ensures the traders or investors are on a better platform to operate the trading process and earn out the profit more frequently. According to the CEO of the company, Andre Gerald, the mass market holding the cryptocurrencies can maximize the return, once a good entry point is achieved. 

Risk free trading for cryptocurrency holders 

The price abruptly changes within seconds and constant monitoring is the best practice. The Algorithm does it on for the investors across various markets or major exchanges. The platform allows live updates of the changes and does a well strategically implemented data analysis for the cryptocurrency traders. Once the manual interference is removed from the entire process, the trading becomes risk-free and assures success!  Prance Gold Holdings is devoted to work on that very aspect, i.e. allowing the investors to get the utmost trust for their investment. So, going online with hands on support from prestigious finTech organization can be proven a successful method to engrave your name in this field. Register today yourself as an investor with the link


Owning a business is a great feeling. You own something that you developed. You found it. You kept working hard for it for years. And, now you are a proud owner.

Taking care of a business is like taking care of a baby. You have to work hard constantly day and night to help it grow. A business cannot grow without the consistent efforts of its owners for years.

Time to say goodbye to your business

You cannot always stay young and take care of your business. Once you grow old you cannot keep working hard like you used to do when you were young.

Finally, the moment arrives when you have to bid farewell to your business.

What options are available for your business after you retire?

There are not many options for small businesses once their owners retire. You can either:

  • Transfer it to your family member or your legal heir.
  • Or, you can sell it.

Which option you pick depends on your situation. For instance, a person who does not have a kid or a close family member would prefer to sell the business. It helps the person to live a comfortable life in the after years.

Is selling your business easy?

Finding buyers for a well-established business is not that hard. You may even find the ones who are willing to pay the quoted price. Some may even go a bit higher to allure you. However, finding a buyer and selling your business is not the hard part.

The hard part is to take care of the taxes and calculating the actual value of it. What if you sell your business at a very high price? What if you sell it to a reasonable price but taxes took away most of your earnings? What are the possible options for you in this scenario?

Hire a business broker or use services of a business-selling platform

If you want to evaluate the actual value of your business, you must hire a business broker. However, you will face the similar situation as paying taxes here. A business broker might help you save money on taxes but then you will be paying brokerage.

Another option is to use online business selling platforms like ExitAdviser.

Benefits of using the online business selling platform

An online business selling platform will help you find the correct value of your company. They will ask you to input several information like your last year’s profit, number of sales each month, etc. Based on these statistics, they will provide you a valuation report.

Another major advantage of using these online business platforms is that most of them do not charge any brokerage fee. You are not going to pay brokerage on an online platform. It will help you save a lot of money.

Using an online business selling platform will also help you find your buyers from all over the state. In case of an online business, you can find buyers from all over the world.

There will be tons of options and you can pick the one that suits you best.

Cybercriminals or hackers can go to deep lengths to steal your data. Most of the transactions today happen over the Internet at the websites. Internet transactions, online shopping, and purchases are making the world more connected virtually pose a significant threat as we expose our data to cybercriminals or hackers. But do you know what they do with these credit credentials? Data theft is mostly financially driven. The credit card leaked data gets sold over the dark web to the highest bidder, or a loan gets transact under your name. But how do they manage to get these credentials after deep security? Let us look at the ways the hackers try to gain access to your data. 

  • Malware: 

Various types of Malware software that can get used to steal your personal information, which includes keyloggers, info stealers, banking malware, and more. This software maliciously gets installed in the background in the system. The virus, trojans, or spyware steal the credential data or modify the core functionalities and privately track the victim’s activity. There are also mobile applications that are malicious and can steal data from your mobile. The malicious application can get installed to get account access, device information, Microphone access, screen recording, contact lists, and many others. But how can you take preventive measures to stay safe from these? Always check the genuine application and read the terms and conditions carefully. Do not give any unnecessary permissions that are not required, Check for reviews and the count of downloads, never download applications from third-party apps or pirated versions. 

  • Phishing Attack: 

Phishing is a fake email or calls to misguide the victim. Hackers create phishing emails by the message stating issues related to bank account credit card leaked details getting leaked, and mostly these emails are such that it appears to be from the genuine source or known organization. These emails will force the victim to take immediate action by clicking the links to activate or deactivate your ATM card or Personal Identification. 

  • Unsecured Connections: 

Connecting your device over the foreign or Public network makes your device potential to get into the hacker’s notice. These networks can create a roadmap for a hacker to get access to all the data in your mobile and monitor your activity online. Free Wi-Fi is threatening, especially when you carry out any online transaction or browse private conversations. To be safe, never get connected to these networks that you can’t trust and use strong encryption for your home router such as WAP2 instead of open WEP. Read more to find out more about Singapore’s Credit Bureau Report online.

In this guide we have collected all the concepts you need to know before getting closer to the world of forex trading. These are technical but basic definitions, which you will need to know if you want to invest correctly in the currency market.

Take your time to delve into them, perhaps by taking a forex trading course or learning in the field by practicing with a forex demo account.


Forex margin and leverage

Leverage is a money lending mechanism that amplifies the investor’s trading capital.

The return on capital will be increased by the leverage effect guaranteed by the brokerage companies, while the maximum loss is the invested capital.

Margin is a deposit that the investor (trader) must keep in his account in order to continue operating on the market. It is a guarantee for the broker against potential losses.

Guarantee Margin: Allows traders to take leverage positions with a fraction of the capital needed to fund transactions. In stock markets, the allowed margin is usually 50%, which means that the buyer has double his real purchasing power.

In the Forex market, leverage usually varies between 1% and 2%, depending on the brokers and the risks they are willing to take.

What short and long mean

Going long will mean buying the first currency of the pair and selling the second at the same time, going short will mean selling the first currency and buying the second of the pair.

The concept is quite simple, a little less understanding in reality how to behave. Let’s take a practical example just to clarify.

In the event that market analyzes predict a future strengthening of the Euro, the most logical action will be to buy Euros, right? In that case we will go long waiting for the future strengthening of the currency.

If, on the other hand, the analyzes speak of a probable strengthening of the US dollar, it will be obvious to sell Euros and buy dollars. We will therefore go short on the EUR / USD pair taken as an example.

Once this is understood, it will be easier to enter this market, basically long and short are the two actions that will allow the investor to speculate and therefore earn on the purchase and sale of currencies.

Spread: meaning

Also in this case the concept will seem difficult, but only at the beginning. To put it simply:

The spread is the difference between the buy and sell price of a given pair.

In fact, by opening a position you will notice that it will not be in a breakeven position, as you would expect, but in reality it will be a few pips below the purchase price.

So if we had the opportunity to immediately close the position in question we would find ourselves with a small loss. It is precisely the spread.

All this will be even clearer by observing the bid values, the buy and ask cost, the selling price of a given currency. These will never be identical.

What is the Pip?

Let’s immediately clarify what we are talking about when we refer to the Pip already mentioned: it is that very slight possible variation present in the exchange rate of two currencies in pairs.

The Pip is the smallest swing that moving prices can make. To operate well on the forex market, you need to be able to calculate your losses and gains following an investment.

Also in this the Foreign Exchange system is very simple: it depends on the open position and the number of lost or gained pips.

Stop loss and Take Profit

Finally we close the discussion with the stop loss and take profit, two tools that it is good to learn to handle with dexterity. These will save your assets when you decide to invest in particularly volatile markets or when you cannot stand in front of your forex trader station.

With the stop loss it is possible to set a loss margin at which the position will be closed directly from the platform. Set this level and remember not to change it, it could be your luck.

The take profit is different, although conceptually very similar to the stop loss. The tool will set a profit margin at which the operation will be closed. This will allow the investor to collect what he had set and to focus on other positions.

By paying higher loan EMIs, a person can reduce the loan tenure and repay the loan faster. In this article, we will explain the benefits of paying higher EMIs.

In India, many financial institutions provide home loans at a competitive interest rate. Applying for a loan is the most feasible way to get funds for buying the house, and most people get a loan up to 80% of the property’s value. If you are a first-time loan applicant, you must know that the loan’s EMI is directly proportional to the amount you borrow; the higher the amount, the higher the EMI, and vice-versa. 

While you can apply for a higher loan and pay a higher EMI throughout the term, or you can increase the tenure to lower the EMI and make repayment more affordable. Typically, the lenders in India offer home loans for a maximum duration of 30 years. But, longer tenure means you must bear the repayment burden for a longer period. 

During the initial years, while you may pay the minimum EMIs, as you grow in your career and your income increases, you can consider paying higher EMIs. This will not only help you reduce your interest payment but also help you repay the loan faster. 

Benefits of Repaying Higher Home Loan EMIs

  • Helps in Reducing Interest Expenses

This is one of the most important benefits of repaying higher EMIs. If you repay the loan over a longer tenure, then you must pay interest during that term. However, by increasing the EMI, you can lower the loan tenure. Therefore, the interest payable will also reduce. So, as your income increases, you can increase the EMI payment proportionately to repay the loan faster. 

You can use a housing loan EMI calculator to calculate how increasing the EMI can help you lower your loan term. 

  • Tax Benefits

Home loan repayments also provide tax benefits. The tax benefits are available under Section 24, Section 80EEA, and Section 80C. The benefit can be availed on repayment of the interest and principal.

On the principal’s repayment, a home loan borrower can avail a tax benefit up to Rs. 1.5 Lakh under Section 80C. Furthermore, on the interest payment, a person can get a tax benefit up to Rs. Two Lakhs under Section 24. By paying higher EMIs, you can maximise the tax benefits and reduce your tax liability in a financial year. 

  • Helps in Quick Repayment of the Loan

Most borrowers repay the loan in longer tenure. However, as you continue to repay the loan over a long duration, you may not have enough savings, and you may have to compromise on your other financial goals like retirement planning. 

Therefore, it is recommended to pay higher EMIs to save on interest and lower the loan tenure. While you may feel paying higher EMIs is taking away your liquid cash, it would help you save a significant amount in the long run. Not to mention, the faster you repay the loan, the sooner you become debt-free, and you get complete ownership of the property. 

  • Helps in Improving Credit Score

When a person repays the loan regularly, his/her credit score improves. Furthermore, if the person repays the loan before the tenure, the credit score improves even more. Also, by repaying the loan before the tenure, a loan borrower will easily get loans in the future.

How to Quickly Repay the Loan

  • Make Partial Payments

If a home loan borrower has sufficient funds, then he/she should consider partial payment of the loan. With the help of partial payments, a person can lower his/her outstanding principal amount. 

  • Balance Transfer

If a borrower finds that their lender is charging a higher interest than the prevailing market rate, they can transfer the loan to a different lender at a lower interest rate. 

When you transfer the loan, the outstanding amount is moved to the new lender, and you repay the remaining amount at a revised (lower) interest rate. Thus, you can repay the loan faster as the EMI becomes affordable, and you can repay higher EMIs.