January 2021


When the bitcoin was first introduced many people thoughtit was like mangoes’ falling from tree. So, people picked it up and started moving ahead. In short, it means that it gained a lot of popularity. But now many people with half baked knowledge get stuck in the process of bitcoin. And it has left many others like Alice in wonderland. Let’s make it simple these days’ people are facing issues in transaction of bitcoin. So, that’s the major problem. As per the latest study by some doctors of finance, there are many risks involved in the transaction of bitcoin and whats the risk? You can lose all your bitcoins. Just imagine your bitcoin process going through a tunnel and then it gets stuck because the tunnel gets narrow, no offence meant, though a bit comically repulsive.

Deal Legitimately in Bitcoin

So, the point I am trying to elucidate is that the bitcoin users must not be stressed about it. Your transactions will get confirmed from being pending provided the legitimacy is proved. Simply wait is the only option that bitcoin users have. One remedy is that you can take help of BTC accelerator. The transaction process also sometimes gets slow because you paid less fee. Mostly in a BTC accelerator you will get a bitcoin puddles, which offers to the bitcoin users some kind of services that can help you to increase your chances of getting the transactions complete in few hours, say 1 hour. If your bitcoin transaction is a bot complex, where you have crossed the limits, then you will have to pay for it i.e. extra fees.

Take Help of Expert Professionals –

So, lets get back to the past from where you started the bitcoin dealings first. On how you worked like a pro and it was successful in first attempt. Refresh your memory and study hard on the various types of dealings on bitcoin and the latest steps that you have to follow like discussing with experienced professionals on how to calculate the ideal fee and guessing the hours it will take for the transaction to be complete. Plus, the expert professional bitcoin dealers can also guide you on how to make the transaction work faster, but again it will not make any sense unless your legitimacy is proved. So, take help of bitcoin accelerator.

Know the Basics of Dealing with Bitcoin –

It is very important that you learn the basics of dealing with bitcoin which changes with the passage of time. And there are various reasons for the changes like fluctuations in time, network congestion, limitations and many more. So stay updated with it. Plus, it is also very essential for you to know your need like how much bitcoin you would like to transfer. Next, is the wallet address which you should deal carefully, any mistake you make will make you pay later and also it is equally important that you do apt settings for the wallet.So, whenever dealing with such type of crypto-currencies be prepared to face risks.


Great investors competently control their emotions and committedly stick to their planned strategy. These predetermined strategies define the stock types to buy, time to enter a position, and even when to exit even if the price movement is in your favor. 

Beginners can read the weekly magazine, ‘The Public Investor’ to learn about the long-term investment strategies influenced by book author Prof. Dr. Otte. There are multiple strategies, which can intimidate beginners but here are some best ones to consider.

Timings of cyclical & non-cyclical investments

Cyclical stocks are strongly correlated to the economy. Therefore, when the economy rises, the cyclical stock price increases and vice versa. Non-cyclical stocks follow a stable growth pattern and are a safe investment option in a tough economic environment.


  • During a positive economic situation, investors can earn good profit investing in cyclical stocks. 
  • During economic unrest sell the cyclical stocks and buy non-cyclical investments.
  • You can read the buying and selling signals with ease as the strategy is concentrated on economic conditions. 


  • Timing the stock market carries potential risk even if the strategy is focused on the economy and correlation with cyclical & non-cyclical stocks.
  • Economic analysis is a challenging task.
  • Cyclical stocks pay less or no dividend, so income investors will not find this a good option. 

Combining growth & dividend

Growth stocks generate more value in a short time, whereas dividend stock displays slow and steady growth. To find high growth stocks check the annual return rates. For high dividend stocks check dividend payers and the percentage they pay. 


  • Stocks paying high dividends are safe investments. 
  • Dividends are income.
  • Dividend stocks generate consistent growth. For example, Utility and consumer staple industry is always in demand, so they never hesitate during economic unrest. 


  • Diversification is hard.
  • Balancing your portfolio consistently is essential.
  • Growth is consistent but steady, so you cannot anticipate short-term big gains. 

Remember, the strategies have increased risk levels. A move in opposite direction can turn into a costly error. Therefore, understand the market and investing process in detail. 


Embarking on the financial independence journey calls for utmost discipline. It’s paramount that you plan and manage your investments, income, expenditure, and savings with precision. At times, you might feel stuck on the best wealth management route to take. That’s why working with expert financial advisers is quite crucial. Below is what you need to contemplate before employing an expert financial planner.

1. Please Have A Look At Their Credentials

Wealth management is a sensitive subject, and not just anybody can handle it. It’d be best to check the financial planner’s credentials before hiring them. It’s a chance to ensure you’re working with someone conversant with the subject matter at hand. You ought to check their credentials and training experiences as well. By checking their certification, you can rest easy knowing you’re on the right path to choosing the best financial planner.

2. Fee Structure

Financial planners hardly offer their services for free. It’d be best to remember to inquire about their service charges. It’s a chance to know if they’re paid on a commission basis or not. By discussing the fee structure, you can get to know why some charge more than others. You must ensure that everything discussed is in writing to prevent any future misunderstandings.

3. Experience

It’d be best to choose an ideal financial planner who’s been through various financial market cycles. Thus, you can get one who’s well acquainted with how the various asset classes behave at different times. It’ll also enable you to get an expert who’ll manage any possible money risks while paying attention to possible future growth.

4. In-Person Meeting

A single phone call or exchanging various emails doesn’t cut it when choosing a legit and experienced financial planner. It’d be best to set up several meetings before you make up the final choice. During your sessions, you’re able to set up a good rapport that might last a lifetime. Be sure to check out how well they respond to your questions. Some financial planners often set up online meetings that you can also join and ask for clarification.

5. Reference Check

It often seems rather challenging to find the ideal financial planner, especially when it’s your first time. How about you talk to other colleagues, friends or family. It’ll enable you to get a good number of recommendations that you can look into later. You can also search online for various financial planners, including Hedge Field Wealth Management. It’ll enable you to check out the company’s website and even each to previous or current clients for further clarification. You can also ask whether their financial life has improved a great deal or not. While you’re going through your various references or recommendation, be sure to trust your gut. Please check out their ratings as well.

When hiring your financial planner, you ought to proceed with caution. It’d be best to scrutinize various financial planners, including HedgeField Wealth Management, who are proactive in financial planning matters. Just think and have the above ideas at your fingers as you always inquire on the next way forward concerning wealth management.

The coronavirus pandemic has changed various firms’ working landscape and changed the securities industry’s day-to-day operations—irrespective of business size, the majority transitioned to remote work to prevent the virus’s further spread. 

Such firms are fortunate enough to continue their operations with employees working from the safety of their homes. Others have lost their sources of income with the temporary and permanent closure of some businesses. 

However, even fortunate firms that resumed and continued their operations have challenges they need to face. 

Those who transitioned to remote work amid the COVID-19 should implement remote supervisory practices. FINRA issued a notice tackling the transition to remote work as well as supervision.

FINRA discussed steps they have taken for a smooth transition to the new workstyle with small, mid-sized, and large firms. In the notice, it includes the different practices which FINRA suggested for securities firms. All of which can enhance supervisory efforts and compliance programs of the firms, including call monitoring.

Firms are free to adhere to their practices: however, FINRA reminded them that they must still implement a reasonably designed supervisory system appropriate to their business size and model. Additionally, firms must also memorialize in writing all of the adjustments made to their policies and supervisory procedures due to the pandemic.

Furthermore, among the many challenges firms must face is remote supervision. Some are relatively prepared as they have existing supervisory tools to supervise their employees remotely. 

For those without such tools, firms must take steps to address supervisory concerns and compliance issues like text messaging, especially with the prevalent use of various instant messaging applications like WeChat and WhatsApp.

Firms should consider the mobile messaging solutions of TeleMessage with their product lines, namely Mobile Archiver, Secure Enterprise Messaging, and Mass Messaging. It can reduce risks across various industries and enable whatsapp archiving, capture, and archive of SMS, MMS, and voice calls. 

Learn more about the notice issued by FINRA by clicking this infographic from TeleMessage.