August 2021



Once you decide on the key criteria a business opportunity should provide, a solid risk mitigation plan should be developed and followed prior to acquiring a business. Buyer’s remorse is one of the top misgivings that dissatisfied buyers have. You may be great at operating or turning around a business, but there are several specialty areas that need dug into to help ensure you are fully satisfied. Let’s start by sharing a few of these areas this week (we will share more in later blogs).

Agreements – Ensure ALL agreements are reviewed and revised by your business transaction attorney. Many agreements are one sided and don’t provide adequate protection when a deal goes wrong. Get attorney review prior to signing.

Financial Reporting – Ensure you have in-depth, historical records (P&L, Filed Tax Returns, Balance Sheets, etc) with year to date and 3 complete years of performance reviewed by your CPA. Ask an SBA lender what loan and down-payment they would support for this acquisition. If the lender won’t lend or risk their money, why should you? How does this business income and expense items perform to it’s peers in the industry? Are Sales and net income growing? Do they use a system, like QuickBooks for readily available detailed reports?

Customer/Vendor Concentration/Owner Dependence – Are all of your eggs in 1 basket? How many customers are greater than 5% of sales? Are their multiple vendors for key inventory? How much of the business is all about Bob? How easily are these relationships transferred? What added protection should be in the agreements?

Strategies for Growth in Income – Many Sellers will offer income growth strategies, but should you pay for future growth plans? If a Seller wasn’t willing to risk investing in the change, why should you? Pay for realistic performance.

Team with your key advisors, like business brokers, accountants and attorneys to work together for you to help ensure you know what you are getting into.

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A Personal Loan is a saviour that helps us in times of unwanted financial situations. Be it a medical emergency, an urgent house repair or even a much-needed travel booking. A personal loan always comes in handy.

Interest rate is the essential factor in choosing the right personal loan. The interest rate decides the amount of equated monthly instalments or EMI that one needs to pay for their loan.   

Here are the essential factors that affect the personal loan interest rates:

  • Credit Score

The credit score is perhaps the most significant factor that decides the interest rate of a personal loan. A credit rating agency like CIBIL or PERFEOS assigns the credit score using factors like past repayments and loan history. The higher the credit score, the better the loan terms one can get from the financial institutions. Usually, a credit score of more than 700 is considered good. The score has a range between 300 to 850.     

  • Credit History

A financial institution needs to know about the repayment capability of the loan seeker. The credit history is a good study for the lenders to gauge the credit habits and repayment schedules. The lenders maintain the past credit history of their customers, whereas, for other customers, they refer to the detailed reports by the credit bureau or the bank statement of loan applicants.   

  • Income

The repayment capacity of an individual depends on their income. Usually, the lenders keep a limit of 40% to 50% of the monthly salary as the EMI. However, the lender will also keep in mind other loans that a person is running. Consistent growth in income over the years is an estimate of an applicant’s career graph. Thus, making income an indispensable factor for the personal loan interest rate.

  • Location

A lot of applicants do not understand the value of location in availing of a personal loan. However, a personal loan in Bangalore will differ from a personal loan in Lucknow. The financial institutions understand that a person in metro cities like Bangalore will have different needs. For instance, a Bangalore applicant might use the personal loan in Bangalore for giving advance rent of 11 months which is a standard practice in Bangalore. Also, the lenders are more willing to lend to metro applicants due to factors like a higher salary and more data visibility.

  • Organisation

A known brand or organisation provides stability to one’s career. The financial institutions give a preference to employees working in top corporations for approving the personal loan.  

  • Banking History

Banks offer a personal loan lower interest for their long-standing customers. Banks are known to offer pre-approved loans to customers with a good banking history. Banks have the data and are aware of income, existing loans and repayment capacity.

  • Loan Size

The loan amount is also inversely proportional to the interest rate. The higher amount increases the risk for the lender, making them increase the interest rate. 

  • Loan Type

A secured loan attracts a lower interest rate, an unsecured loan such as a personal loan attracts a higher interest rate. Financial institutions minimise the risk by using interest rates as leverage. 

  • Loan Tenure

The higher loan tenure also increases the risk of a financial institution. Thus, they tend to increase the personal loan interest rate for a higher loan tenure.

LoansJagat helps individuals get the best interest rate on their loans. Applicants can compare the offers from top financial institutions for their personal loans in Bangalore or other cities across the country.

Payback Ltd Review

Unfortunately, scammers and online trading often go hand in hand, which is why you need to know about Payback Ltd. Payback Ltd is a company that primarily focuses on recovering stolen or lost funds on behalf of scam victims worldwide. Its services are highly sought after, and the company has a high success rate, making it a great choice should you ever need someone to help you recover from being scammed. This in-depth Payback Ltd Review has everything that you might need to know regarding the company’s services, so let’s get started.

What recovery options does Payback Ltd provide?

Nowadays, it has become very common to trade using a variety of different assets. Traders usually feel the need to diversify their respective portfolios as much as possible, and these days it is often feasible to do exactly that by investing in stocks, cryptocurrencies, forex trading, commodities, and more. However, there is also the chance that your investment may have been made with a fraudulent individual or organization, a fact that is all too real and relevant thanks to the advancements being made in global technology communications and practices. So, you would ideally want to choose a company that specializes in recovering different asset types.

Payback Ltd is one such company. Its recovery options, therefore, include services centered around cryptocurrencies, forex, stock trading, and binary options. The process of recovery is relatively straightforward and will require your help in terms of providing relevant documentation plus any other piece of information that may help in bolstering your case’s chances of being ruled in your favor.

But what if you’re unsure about Payback Ltd?

We acknowledge that you might not be willing to place your trust in any company after being scammed, as, after all, your confidence would be shattered after falling victim to a scam. This is why it is important to note that not only is Payback Ltd transparent about everything it does but that it will actively involve you in the recovery process. This means that you will be kept in the know-how, and you shall thus be routinely informed about all updates (good or bad) regarding your case.

If you are still unsure, then you can additionally apply for a free consultation with the company’s representatives, who will put your mind at ease by answering any queries or questions you might have.

What do the people who have used Payback Ltd’s services say about the company?

It is easy for us to speak positively about Payback Ltd, but we realize that despite the aforementioned points about the company’s transparency and free consultation service, you might still not be entirely convinced.

This is why Payback Ltd has taken the liberty of including a ‘Testimonials’ section on its website. Here, you can read through and watch several of the company’s former clients and what they have had to say about Payback Ltd, and as per our observations, most of these people have nothing but nice things to say.

What about customer support?

It is possible that even if you choose Payback Ltd and hire the company to help you recover your lost funds, you might face some unexpected issues or have some additional relevant questions. This is perfectly understandable, and it is why the company’s customer support can be reached between Monday till Saturday every week, through a variety of options such as direct call, email, and by filling out a form. 

Additionally, there is a helpful FAQ section as well which has answers to most of the commonly asked questions and queries regarding the company’s services, features, and recovery process.

What would you have to pay in order to use Payback Ltd’s services?

We have already mentioned that there is a free consultation service which you can take advantage of. However, there are some costs associated with using the company’s services that we are now going to explain.

Firstly, if you decide to enlist Payback Ltd’s services and if the company believes that your case is a winnable one, then you will need to pay a relatively small fee before your case can be worked upon. Once your lost funds have been recovered, Payback Ltd will take a small portion as commission, and the rest will be returned to you.

Closing remarks

It is always unfortunate when traders become victims of different scams, but that is precisely why companies like Payback Ltd exist. We found the company to be trustworthy and quite safe, and the customer support is top-notch. The recovery process may take a little while, depending on the nature of each case, but rest assured that you are in good hands if and when you have to choose a company to help you get your funds back.

Insurance policies are based on the principle to compensate for financial loss that you might suffer. Although it is a future uncertain event, having the backup of an insurance policy helps to mitigate such financial hardships that otherwise might burn a hole in your wallet. An insurance policy helps to lower the impact of such financial blow due to unpredictable events by providing compensation.

What is an insurance claim?

An insurance claim is the compensation which the insurance company pays on happening of a future uncertain event for which coverage is sought. Various general insurance plans are available that insure against varying contingencies like health ailments, motor accidents, property damage and more. With a general insurance claim for these events, the insurance company helps make good for any such financial loss.

When you make an insurance claim, there are specific processes that need to be followed. These processes are laid down so that all the claims can be processed smoothly by the insurer whilst verifying them at the same time. This article elaborates on how the claims are settled for the motor and health insurance policies in India. 

Claims for Motor insurance policies

Motor insurance policies include car as well as bike insurance policies. It is the only type of insurance that is a regulatory requirement as per the Motor Vehicles Act. Here are some ways how the claims need to be filed. But before that you need to know there are two types of motor insurance policies, third-party and comprehensive plans. 

A third-party claim occurs when a person outside the contract of insurance, i.e. a third person is injured. Here you need to inform the insurance company at first followed by registering an FIR (First Information Report) with the police authorities of the governing jurisdiction. This claim is settled by the Motor Accidents Tribunal which then passes a judgement on the compensation that needs to be paid. Based on this amount, the insurance company compensates you, the policyholder based on the applicable limits to your third-party policy.

Comprehensive policies are those where damages to your vehicle is also included under its coverage alongside third-party cover. For such own damage insurance claim, you need to approach the insurance company reporting of such damage. If your bike or car insurance policy is a cashless one, the insurer will require you to repair such damages at an authorised network garage failing which cashless benefits shall not be awarded. For reimbursement policy, you can repair your vehicle and present all necessary invoices to the insurer. On assessing whether the repairs are under the policy limits, the pay-out is made by the insurance company. 

Claims for Health insurance policies

Health insurance claims are again classified into cashless and reimbursement policies. Depending on the type of your policy, you need to inform your insurance company of the treatment sought and the medical facility. For planned hospitalisation, a pre-approval needs to be obtained whereas in emergency cases, the intimation can be provided later. Once the treatment is complete, cashless claims are directly settled by the insurance company with the medical facility. Only the differential amount not covered by the policy needs to be paid from your pocket. For reimbursement claims, the treatment bills need to be presented to the insurer which will be examined for its adequacy and then a pay-out shall be made.

This is how claims are settled based on the type of policy for health and motor insurance. While the process may be more or less similar across different insurers, make a note of the exact process of your insurance company for detailed understanding of the process. Insurance is the subject matter of solicitation. For more details on benefits, exclusions, limitations, terms and conditions, please read sales brochure/policy wording carefully before concluding a sale. 

It is common knowledge that two-wheeler insurance is a regulator requirement in the country. With the help of such insurance cover, there are two-fold benefits – one of legal compliance and the second of having your bike secured with a backup plan. However, the area where most people miss out is ensuring continued coverage after buying at the time of initial purchase. For this reason, it is essential to renew your policy. While it can be cumbersome to visit the insurer at each renewal, digitisation has solved this problem too. Now using internet technology, you can renew your policy at the convenience of your couch. Here are some of the benefits of renewing two wheeler insurance online

Savings in Time: The foremost advantage of taking the online route is saving your time. With busy lives, it has become difficult to make time, especially to visit the insurer’s office. At such times, buying online helps you save on time having to co-ordinate with either the insurance agent or visit the insurer’s office. 

Convenient comparison: With the facility to of online two wheeler insurance renewal, you can make effortless comparison without having to search for suitable plans. All at the click of a mouse, different plans are available to view and use tools like a two-wheeler insurance calculator that not only aid in comparison process, but also finding affordable deals within your budget. 

Additional benefits: With the digital age growing fast, insurance companies have introduced a few policies that are offered exclusively online. These policies offer concession in either premium or some exclusive features that are available for online-only plans. 

Selecting the best coverage: Online renewal of your two wheeler insurance third party or comprehensive plan, is convenient when you can choose from myriad alternatives. This web helps you browse through all possible plans that might be the right fit. In addition, comprehensive plans can be customised using add-ons that enhance the value generated by the insurance policy vis-à-vis its cost. 

Legal compliance: In addition to above pointers, having your policy timely renewed online aids in staying legally complied when it comes to two-wheeler insurance requirements. The Motor Vehicles Act makes it mandatory to have an insurance policy for all bike owners and thus, you can stay complied even before your coverage ends. 

While the benefits of online renewal go a long way in ensuring compliance and safety for your vehicle, here’s how you can renew your two-wheeler insurance policy – 

Step 1: Visit your preferred insurance company’s website and locate the renewal section for two-wheeler policies. 

Step 2: Provide your existing policy details so any details registered against your policy number are pulled up by the insurer. Here, you can choose to amend any details to ensure they are updated.

Step 3: Select the type of policy you want to opt for. Along with it, make sure to look for the right set add-ons that significant enhance your policy coverage. 

Step 4: Once you have finalised all the policy details, make the payment from the available options. Since it is an online renewal, the coverage begins once your payment is successful, which is almost instant. 

With the above-mentioned benefits of renewing policy online, do not wait till the eleventh hour for its renewal. Instead, start early so you have sufficient time to compare and select a suitable bike insurance cover. Insurance is the subject matter of solicitation. For more details on benefits, exclusions, limitations, terms and conditions, please read sales brochure/policy wording carefully before concluding a sale.