August 2021



Applying for a new home loan can be stressful for buyers. There are a lot of things to consider, and individuals sometimes find themselves being overwhelmed by the decisions they must make. With this guide, new buyers will learn about the things they should know before getting a home loan in Singapore.

What Should New Buyers Know Before Applying for a Mortgage?

When considering purchasing a home, people often do not realize all the steps involved. Once a person gets to the financing portion of the process, they quickly learn how stressful it becomes. The following are some things people should know before they apply for a Singapore home loan with Dollarback Mortgage.

Research the Options

One of the first things a person should do is learn as much as possible about the lenders that are available. Learn about what they offer and how much is required for the down payment. It is wise for buyers to secure financing before they even start the process of searching for a home. By securing financing first, buyers will find it much easier to get the home of their dreams, without being disappointed.

Check the Interest Rate

Buyers need to make sure they choose the lowest interest rate possible. There are three main types of rates available, and they include the following.

  • Fixed-rate mortgages offer a fixed rate for the life of the loan or for a specified period.
  • A floating rate is based on the lender’s fixed deposit, interest rate, or a third-party rate.
  • Floating board rates are the least predictable because the bank can come up with a new rate at any time.

Buyers need to be careful about which they choose. A buyer should consider their income and financial situation now and what it could be in the future. Careful consideration will prevent a buyer from making financial decisions they later regret.

Consider the Monthly Payments

One of the most important considerations when deciding on a mortgage is the monthly payments. There are multiple online home calculators that can be used to determine the monthly payment amount. It is important to note that the longer the tenure of the mortgage loan, the lower the payments.

What Is Next?

After a buyer has decided on their mortgage lender, It is important they seek the In-Principle Approval for their mortgage loan. This document is provided by the lender and states the amount they are willing to lend the buyer. This document should be secured before paying the option fee.

Get Started Right Away

For new home buyers, getting started right away is best. Securing the right mortgage loan lender is essential before starting the process of searching for a new home. With the mortgage amount secured, buyers will not have as much stress in the process. They will know how much they are approved for and will only look for properties that fall within this price range.

Contact DollarBack Mortgage today to learn about the available options. They will be happy to assist you through the process of securing a mortgage.


As a bookkeeper or accountant, you’re only as good as your data. Business owners, company bosses and department heads want to work with the most accurate information – but going through that data can be cumbersome and time-consuming, not to mention that you’re only human. This is where Dext Precision comes to the rescue.

Dext Precision is the ultimate toolkit for accountants and bookkeepers in the UK. It integrates seamlessly and comes with a whole host of other benefits like error-free data and proactive insights. 

Eliminate errors 

How much time do you spend going over numbers and checking for errors? With Dext Precision, you can back-check data and also track changes made to data and entries, even locate a deleted entry. 

Best of all the system flags up errors, anomalies, and discrepancies for you, so you can spot mistakes before they become a costly problem.

Dext Precision’s Clean Up Toolkit can help revolutionize your error tracking abilities. With the time saved, you can get more done as an in-house accountant, or take on more gigs if you run a bookkeeping practice. 

Check exactly what resources are being spent 

Dext Precision’s Focus Dashboard can help you figure out your own team’s workflows. It is a challenge to figure out how long a given task should take a team member based on nothing. 

The Focus Dashboard, however, can provide you with these insights because it can tell you the amount of time devoted to using Precision’s own toolkit as well as other software that it integrates with.

This can help you more correctly and accurately assign tasks and clients to your own team. You and your team will also be able to point out where maximum time is being spent and if a course correction is required, or can be undertaken.

Overall, Dext Precision’s Focus Toolkit lets you undertake more tasks and take on more billable work. 

Zero in on “leaks” 

Overspending can halt any sort of progress. It’s why business owners are always looking for ways to keep it to a minimum – a cost-cutting mission that doesn’t cut corners. 

Dext Precision turns real-time data into insights on supply chain spending which can truly help business heads figure out how to be more profitable by curbing unnecessary spending.

That’s not all. Dext Precision also alerts you if there’s a tax risk, which is extremely relevant in these uncertain times. The software will alert you where there is a chance of losses or reduced profits because of a potential change in tax laws. By being able to provide this insight you’ve easily gone from bookkeeper to advisor. 

Self/client evaluation 

Companies are supposed to maintain impeccable books – but it’s hard to assess that when talking to a potential new client. All this could change with Dext Precision. You can use Health Score to check the state of your clients’ books right at the negotiation table. This can help you drive more profitable pricing. You can also tie your pricing and appeal to a wider cross-section of clients. 

You’ll also get to strut your (bookkeeping) stuff when you click on Health Score after your work is done and demonstrate your amazing abilities. 

Usher in accuracy across the board with Dext Precision. Check out Dext precision for the best insights and accurate data. 

There is a great demand for candidates in the market who have a deep understanding of finance. Finance is the backbone of every organization so, it is required to have an expert candidate to handle the Finance of any business. Every year thousands of finance professions are competent competitors and it is not easy to get a job in a reputed firm. Finance Recruitment Agencies London is the best and smart way to find a job in the best and successful firm. 

 There are various advantages for those who select a career in finance. Let’s discuss some of the benefits: 

    • Job security– Security of the job is one of the amazing benefits to make a career in the finance sector. It is not easy to get a stable job in today’s competitive era but making a career in Finance gives job security. This is also a great market for the abilities, which give the staff a bargaining power to adjust for a good pay scale or a better working setting. 
  • Exposes laborers for the specialized activity: The finance department is rapidly growing or advancing daily. This indicates that a person will require to be given on the job activity to match up to their competence. In addition to this, the one who has done graduation in a related field can work on a very good post and can earn a good amount of money on regular basis. Such candidates can work in different organizations, as every firm required a good candidate to handle their finance.
    • Better salary package: A career in finance is also plays a significant role in having a good salary as companies offer the employee a better pay scale. Being highly demanded in each business, the finance workers have requested fairly good pay as this assistance are few of the highly important or required in the market. The better pay gives the workers an alternative to save or thus invest income in other income production actions.
  • Better opportunity for career advancement- The job position in finance provides workers the appealto further schooling to progress the career or gain additional skills. Most of the workplaces also stimulate the elements of career development by financing the workers to take higher courses in this field. This field opens up opportunities for a person to move up in the company or advance in careers. To add on, it also provides a big job achievement. This is a general impression that a career in finance offers optimal achievement to the employees. The research study also indicated that the one who is working in the financial sector is found to achieve an average of 9.6 out of 10 on the satisfaction level during their job. The high level of achievement implies that such staff rarely shift the career or leave their job. A huge satisfied staff gives an individual a chance to settle down in the career. 
  • Multiple career options- Finance is one of the most diverse regions of the profession. The graduate specialized in finance can work in different sectors as there are various job opportunities in the market.


It is not unnatural to feel nervous and confused when dealing with mortgage applications. You may even be unaware of the different schemes and mortgage plans that the high street lender or specialized lenders provide. Therefore, you turn to mortgage advisors and try to get the best mortgage and interest rate. They make your purchase easy and reduce the risk of falling into despair over a wrong decision.

You can enquire about CIS mortgages from the mortgage advisors found at Mortgage Experts Online. You can submit your information and query to the site, and they would send it to suitable firms or lenders for deals or advice related to mortgage, loans or insurance. This mortgage broker in the UK excels in dealing with any problem of self-employed mortgage, remortgage, bad credit and many more. They also engage with people on Facebook and Twitter.

What Is A CIS Mortgage? Who Would Be Eligible to Apply?

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The full-form of CIS is Construction Industry Scheme. So, a CIS mortgage is for any person registered with CIS. The workers under this scheme pay their tax to the HMRC in advance. Therefore, the lenders calculate their net income and not the net profit. With the past one year’s account, you can apply for a CIS mortgage. You can show the regular payslip and bank statements.

What Benefits Would CIS Give You in Mortgage Deals?

You can get these three benefits when applying for a CIS mortgage –

1.     Higher ceiling amount

The lender would calculate the mortgage amount based on your annual income. Generally, they would give four times the annual income as a mortgage. It means you would have more purchasing power.

2.     One year of account instead of the standard three years

Most of the traditional mortgages for the self-employed require more than two years of account. But with CIS mortgage, you can start working on your plans earlier than expected.

3.     More options

High income would give you good deals in mortgages with low-interest rates. Your options would not be limited.

But, remember that high mortgage capacity does not mean that you should borrow more than necessary for that particular purchase.

Deposit for CIS Mortgages

Do not forget that CIS mortgage works like any other standard mortgages except that they consider net turnover rather than profit. A person with a stable employment history would be able to get a mortgage with a 5% deposit. But when you apply for a CIS mortgage, your purchasing power increases. At the same time, the lenders would also ask for a substantial amount of deposit. If you can cross this hurdle, you can reap the benefits of CIS mortgages.

What If You Have Bad Credit?

It’s not the end of the road if you have a bad credit history. Check your updated credit report and consult your advisor over the issue. You should disclose all your information and explain your previous failures and poor credit history. The advisor would likely come up with some solution.

You can also think about remortgage if you came under the CIS scheme recently. Check out all your options from an expert.

If you are willing to purchase a boat then you might not have the right amount of finance as these are very expensive. You should hire services from some financial institutes in this regard to get marine finance. What you need to do is to visit different websites of these experts so that you can get the loan at the lowest interest rates.

The benefit of getting the loan from the right professional is that they can guide you that how to get the information from the traders. You should choose the right trader that can help you to buy the boats or marine ships for you. You can get online opinions or suggestions from professionals by simply visiting their portfolios or websites as they have maintained their websites.

While you are searching for the best traders for purchasing the boats or marine for you then you must visit different websites or even references. If you have no issue with your budget limits then you can purchase these boats without asking for finance from financial institutions. Do not try to purchase the item from the non-professionals as it is just a wastage of your time and money.

Some people do not have enough knowledge in the field of purchasing these boats as various types of boats are available in the market. Try to select the best one that has years of experience in this field and know everything about financing for boats. The best thing that you can do to purchase the boats for you is to understand the needs of your finance.

The planning stage is very important that will give you a chance to get the loan at the earliest according to your needs. The trader that you have selected should provide you with the details that can help you to know the merits and demerits of boats. The boat models are different in prices and you should choose the boats that are, following your budget limits.

If you have sound knowledge regarding models of boats then you can get these boats by just asking their prices. On the other hand, if you do not have sound knowledge regarding the quality of boats-then you must consider taking assistance from experts. These experts can arrange the models for their customers on their demand. Try to manage the marine finance first and then try to contact these traders so that they can provide you with the best quality products.

Most business owners that are thinking to use these loans are in search of the best products from the market. They can use internet services or even references to get the loan or process the loan quickly. Now different dealers that are offering boats to their customers are also offering finance schemes so that everyone can avail of this discount.

Sometimes the experts will provide you with the best schemes and promotion codes so that you can avail cash promos and interest-free loans for a given period. This can be a daunting task if you do not pay attention to the selection of the best finance dealers. If you are well-informed regarding the reasons for getting marine finance for you then you can save your time by using less effort.

The most important thing that is associated with purchasing these boats is to ensure getting the loan for you. Sometimes the downpayment cannot be adjusted due to the non-availability of finance. Many professionals are offering zero down payment services to their customers accordingly. Now with advanced technology, it has become easier for you to manage your finance or boat loans by visiting online portals. You can save your cost by purchasing second-hand boats for your needs if these are available in good quality. It is highly recommended not to risk the quality of the boat due to financial pressure or low-budget limits.