The term hard money loan generally defines the idea of a type of loan which is secured against real property. These kinds of loans are generally used in the cases of real estate transactions and in this scenario, the lender happens to be an individual or company rather than being a bank. This loan is treated as a short-term bridge loan or a loan of last resort. Therefore, the loans are taken out only for a very short duration where the loan is given out based on the property.

How Do Hard Money Loans Work?

The way that these loans work is pretty simple to understand in general. The terms of the loans are based entirely on the valuation of the property that is being used as collateral. This has no exclusive links to the creditworthiness of the borrower in any way. This type of loan is generally not handled by authorized banks or any traditional money lenders. But for any private company or an individual who sees potential in this risky venture, often lends money in this scheme. 

The loan givers plan on lending the money to the borrowers often with a very short period of a maximum of three to four years, if not sooner. If the borrower fails to pay back, the property that has been used as collateral is generally renovated and the real estate is resold. If the borrower intends to pay off the debt as quickly as possible, a higher hard money loan is cashed out by the lenders.

What Should Be Kept In Mind About Hard Money Loans?

The amount of money that is generally loaned out in this type of transaction tends to be pretty higher than the amount the banks or several other government lending programs tend to offer. Quite obviously, this puts the lenders at a much higher risk when they finance someone. But on the other hand, it can also act as an excellent way to transact capital without having to go through lengthy approval processes. Moreover, the borrower may also receive some flexibility in the repayment schedule by discussing it with the lender. 

What Are The Benefits Of Hard Money Loans?

One of the most noteworthy importance of these loans is that the approval process of such a loan is much faster and a lot simpler as opposed to the traditional loaning services. 

The lending of the loan does not depend on the financial state of the borrower. This means that an individual even with very poor credit can receive big amounts in the loan if they can present substantial equity in the property.

For a hard money loan, the dealers are not very interested in getting paid back if they see a better opportunity and a much greater value in the property that is being used as collateral.

If any financial product comes to your rescue and bails you out of different medical and financial emergencies, they are Personal Loans. You can apply for them for varied reasons like wedding, festival planning, domestic and international trips, or buying furniture or gizmos. Banks and other financial institutes generally do not ask for loan application reasons, but you need to ascertain Personal Loan eligibility and whether you have the repayment capacity.

If you decide to apply for the loan in the future, here are ways in which you can improve the eligibility for Personal Loan:

Repay debts timely

The best way to improve your eligibility for such loans is by repaying all the loans timely. This also includes your Credit Card dues. Ensure to pay the bills at the earliest after they get generated. Make sure you do not default on any equated monthly instalments and Credit Card debts as doing so negatively impact the credit scores, thereby hurting your eligibility.

Clearing existing debts

As mentioned, when you apply for an offline or online Personal Loan, lenders need your credit report. Your scores give lenders an insight into your repayment behaviour. It helps them understand how often you take loans and whether they get repaid timely without defaulting. If you have an existing loan when applying for one, there are chances that the new loan might get rejected. So, apply for a new loan after clearing the existing ones.

Low credit utilisation ratio

If you hold a Credit Card, ensure you maintain a low credit utilisation ratio. At any given time, this means restricting using more than 30% of the credit limit offered. So, if the limit is Rs. 1 lakh, ensure you do not swipe for more than Rs. 30,000 monthly. Maintaining a low credit utilisation ratio proves to lenders that you can exercise restraint and not buying everything on credit, thus convincing loan providers of your good credit behaviour.

Show additional income

When you use the Personal Loan eligibility calculator, your income is the most crucial criterion and enhances your loan approval chances. Show your monthly salary and employment status while applying for Personal Loans. For gaining instant approvals, it is better to provide additional income sources. This could be your variable pay, incentives, and performance bonus. When you apply jointly, show your spouse’s income.

Moreover, if you have a leased property, portray the rent earned from the additional income. Holding a higher salary boosts your loan eligibility chances, making you creditworthy of the loan.

Today, since you can apply for the loan directly from the lender’s portal, make sure to use the eligibility and Personal Loan EMI calculator.

Just when you thought it was time to relax after a hectic Christmas and holiday period, back-to-school purchases enter the picture.

For many December and January can be less about the joy of gift-giving and holidays, and more about thinking about their budgets. Mainly about how they can stretch their budgets across Christmas, school holidays and then back-to-school costs for the kids, without becoming financially stressed.

While education related expenses can vary across schools and states, they are once again on the rise throughout Australia. Due to the increase of technology used within schools now, 2021 school related costs have increased by 10 percent since 2020.

However, if you are located in NSW and mainly the CBD, where residents are still dealing with outbreaks of COVID-19, you are set to save more on back-to-school costs. Why? Because many residents are choosing to avoid shopping centres, due to the outbreaks, in favour of online shopping, which is currently one of the top ways to save money on educational expenses.

Considering online shopping instead of in-store shopping will save you petrol and time, plus it stops you from grabbing all of those extra little items, you think you need, but really you don’t. It also allows you to compare larger costly items across various retailers, so that you can get the best deal. You can also use a click & collect option to save on delivery fees if you don’t have access to free delivery.  This is also a lifesaver when purchasing tablets or laptops, as this can be the hardest place to save, and the costliest. Technology has actually played the largest role in the increasing of school expenses, with parents spending an average of $284 a year on school related technology, according to Big W’s annual back to school report, conducted by YouGov. They also pointed out that the older your child gets, the most the costs increase, so it is ideal to save where possible.

Shopping around online will not only save you money, but it will also save time and your sanity. Residents of Sydney and the surroundings are turning online and saving hundreds, so if you are thinking of shopping in-store this year for back to school, you should reconsider.

However, the rising costs of educational expenses can still be stressful if you haven’t budgeted for that extra 10 percent rise in costs. An option to help assist with that extra 10 per cent of back-to-school costs is a quick cash loan. This is a great option if you just don’t have that extra amount on hand at the time you need it. The best part about a quick cash loans is that unlike a regular bank loan, there is not mountains of paperwork and long waiting periods. As long as you meet the necessary criteria, including secure employment, you can have your quick cash loan in your bank account on the same day.

The only thing you must be sure of when getting a quick cash loan, is to ensure that you are lending from a reputable and trustworthy lender, such as Spondooli. Spondooli specialises in providing quick cash loans, as a reliable lender, in the times you need them most.

This year instead of worrying about not budgeting for that extra 10 per cent of back-to-school costs, stress less and get a quick cash loan from Spondooli.

If you are somebody who needs money urgently but do not want to go the traditional route of taking a loan? There is surely a way out for this, and that is in the form of taking caveat loans. There are credit providers willing to give such an urgent caveat loan. The only requirement is that you need to have a real estate asset that you can mortgage for raising this loan.

This kind of loan is very useful for business owners who run into cash flow issues. They can take the caveat loan to tide over an immediate cash flow problem and make the repayment as per the scheduled and agreed timeframe.

Now why should you prefer a caveat loan?

The answer lies in the fact that traditional loans taking process can be a cumbersome one and also something that can take time. When you are facing a cash crunch, you need the money fast and the nature of caveat loan is that it is a fast settling loan. The loan is disbursed within the first 24 hours. The repayment period is usually within 12 months and a rollover can also be done.

Caveat loan – how does it work?

This is a loan that is given based on the asset you hold. The real estate can be any of the following:

  • Residence or second home
  • Plot of land
  • Medical centre
  • Child care centre

Once the loan is given against any of the above assets, the structuring is done for a period of between 1 month to a year.

You are allowed to exit the loan within the above period and can take the help of a refinance or the sale of the asset or any other cash flow you can arrange.

The common reasons for choosing caveat loans are:

  • Businessmen using this loan as a bridge requirement between the sale of a property and for any funding that may be required.
  • Cash flow for any business-related requirement as a temporary measure towards expansion of the business
  • Requirement of cash for any auction that needs funding
  • Settlement of a debt that has become overdue and this caveat loan is used as a refinance bridge to repay that loan.

The urgent caveat loan option is therefore an excellent recourse to meet finance requirements and allows you to monetize the real estate that you may be holding.

Requesting a corporate/business loan for your business can bring you benefits without affecting corporate finances. The issue is not in whether or not to request a loan, but in how to use it to achieve the strategic goals of the business. When to request a loan is not a matter of opportunity, but of strategy. The ideal will be to consult with a professional business loan broker Singapore online, since he/she can lead you to the right choice.

Why applying for corporate loan?

The poor financial situation of the company can close many financing options and cause the company to accept an onerous loan that increases problems rather than a solution. The good reasons to request a loan for your company in a timely manner vary according to your strategic plans and can be summarized as follows:

  • Open another branch,
  • Expand the production plant,
  • Buy machinery or equipment,
  • Search for new markets nationally or internationally,
  • Increase working capital.

The benefits received by companies that consider applying for a loan as part of their strategic planning are also several, including:

  • Increase the flow of operations, giving rise to greater opportunities,
  • Obtain liquidity to meet your financial obligations,
  • Improve the credit rating of the company.

However, before making the decision to request a business loan, consider these factors: Is your business viable? Can you afford the cost of credit? Is your spending planning realistic? Is your reason for requesting a loan productive? It is always a good idea to hire the best business loan broker Singapore, and discuss the aspects that better serve your purposes.

Where and how to request a business loan?

Financial institutions are the main source of this type of credit for companies. So it is the first place to go, but you cannot go empty-handed and you must have a strategy that facilitates its approval. Not having this documentation may be reason enough to deny you financing. To carry out this evaluation you need time. Among the factors that you should analyze in business loan offers are:

  • General conditions,
  • Frequency and amount of payments,
  • Interest rate and if it is variable or fixed,
  • Possibility of renegotiation in the future,
  • Penalty for advance payments,
  • Amount of penalties for not making a payment,
  • Type of guarantees requested.

What are the types of credits for companies?

Apart from financial institutions, there are other types of financing that your business can access. Government funds: the government wishes to promote growth in many industries. It allocates funds for this purpose through the Ministry of Finance/Economy. Seed-financing: it is the one that seeks to promote a company in its beginnings, from the development of prototypes to the market and feasibility studies. Angel investment: it comes from private investors who support companies’ already in operation and with a good chance of success through innovation. Risk capital: it is also given by private investors but they are motivated more by the return that the investment can offer. Private social capital: they are investment funds that invest in shares of very large and developed companies.